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Computation for Travel Insurance and Health Insurance

The following are sample computations for Travel Insurance coming from the Philippines and some Private Health Insurance for Visitor visa (subclass 600).

AIG Travel Guard

They offer 2 plans:
Standard Protection - 1M Medical cover

Enhanced Protection - 2.5M Medical Cover

Standard Protection
- amount in Philippines peso
- 2,750 for the 1st 30 days and 392 for additional week)
- Total payments for:
1 month of stay = 2,750
2 months of stay = 2,750 + (392 + 392 + 392 + 392) = 4,318
6 months of stay = 2,750 + (1,568 x 5) = 10,590

Enhanced Protection
- amount in Philippines peso
- 3,026 for the 1st 30 days and 430 for additional week)
- Total payments for:
1 month of stay = 3,026
2 months of stay = 3,026 + (430 + 430 + 430 + 430) = 4,746
6 months of stay = 3,026 + (1,720 x 5) = 11,626

Do contact AIG Philippines for updated premium prices.

Treatment Costs for Visitors in Australia

An alternative for AIG is BLUE CROSS. But I prefer AIG because of the following reasons:

AIG is a multinational company and they have a local branch as well in Australia. AIG offers their Medical Expense Benefit which they claim to be cashless for In-Patient Treatment. The Insured may contact their 24-hour emergency hotline to assist them during emergency cases as our Travel Guard Representatives will be the one to coordinate with their Claims Department in the Philippines.

Travel Guard 24-hour Emergency Hotline. In case of emergency, all you have to do is call collect any time from anywhere in the world.
(632) 878-1280 (Philippines) or
(603) 2772-5672 (Malaysia)

Getting an Overseas Visitors Health Cover (OVHC)

IMAN Budget

IMAN Budget, as per my personal research, so far offers the lowest plan that meets that 8501 condition set by the Department of Immigration for tourist visas including 457 and 458. As of writing, they offer $77.85/mo for an individual. You can also pay in weekly, fortnightly (2 weeks), quarterly, half-yearly and yearly.

You can also review the offers from Medibank, Bupa and HCF. These are the Big 3 Private Health Insurance in Australia.

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