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Monday, August 25, 2014

Learn Forex Trading - The Fast and Easy Way

This is a fast-track to the Forex Market.
It will only take 30 to 60 minutes of your time per day to trade in Forex.

Whether you are university graduate or a housewife, as long as you have this time, you can do Forex trading. It is a complicated topic, but easy if you have the right resources.

Anyone can do it! wherever you are - Philippines or abroad!

I am also still learning, but I am now earning thru Forex trading.

As I go deeper into Forex trading, as a student of this subject matter, I am taking notes as well. You can copy below my notes and hopefully you can kick-start your way into Forex trading.


First of, you have to know the fundamentals:


After reading the above articles, time for some lab exercises.

1. Download the FXCM Trading Platform 

2. Register for a free practice account.

          Fill up the form accordingly and check your registered email afterwards.

3. Using the username/login ID and password provided, login to the FXCM Trading Platform
4. Now, using the how-to-place-trades guide, manipulate and enter some dummy trades.

5. Do some demo trading and be more familiarized.

 In parallel, while practising trading in a demo account, if you are in the Philippines, you can attend some Forex trading seminars and orientations or an intensive course.
Businessmaker Academy offers a series of Online Forex Trading Courses conducted by Mark So, Chief Forex Trader / Trainer to guide traders and  investors on how to make the most out of the Forex Market.
I myself have attended the seminar before moving to Australia. You will learn a lot more and discover a new, exciting and legitimate way to make money today.


If you are now interested in diving into actual Forex trading, I am inviting you to join Mark So's Unlitrader already. From here, you will start taking advantage about his expertise and at the same time continue learning.

For as low as $50, you can open an FXCM trading account. Recommended is $300-$500 if you will trade already.

Join and subscribe to Mark So's Unlitrader. Perhaps you can start in SingleTrader Copy Service or better yet, the UnliTrader Copy Service.

Actual Trading.
Log in to the myfxcm client portal, deposit funds, and start trading.

How it will be easy?

          The fundamental analysis and technical analysis will be done by Mark So.
          All you have to do is cheat - I mean copy & paste his trades.

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