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Mandarin Picking - Ford's Farm

Have you ever tried picking your own mandarins?

Well, if you are in NSW Australia, you must try Mandarin Picking with your family or friends. It is a nice activity during May-July. One of the famous citrus orchard is Ford's Farm. They have four(4) varieties of Mandarins; they are the Satsuma, Imperial, Emperor and Hickson Mandarins. Other citrus available are Tahitian Limes, Lemons, Cumquats and Kaffir Limes all for picking.

Satsuma is a juicy and seedless fruit. My sons love it. In fact, they are eating the fruits while we are picking.

The farm also offer sheep feeding. In the entrance, they are selling hay for feeding the sheep. One paper bag costs 50cents.

Ford's farm also have other products like honey and jams.

1275 Singleton Road, Laughtondale (via Wisemans Ferry), NSW 2775

Just input the address in your SatNav device and make your setting avoid "unpaved roads" and you will be fine. Otherwise, your GPS device may direct you down Laughtondale Gully Road which is one-car-wide, dirt, windy and is unsuitable for general traffic.

What to consider before going:

1. Consider the weather - if it is raining, you may have to bring umbrellas and your boots as it will be stepping on muds.

2. Pack some some water and food specially if you have kids.

3. Of course your cameras and/or smartphones with camera. However, there will be no mobile carrier signal in the area. So even if you have a data plan, you cannot upload instantly your photos in facebook or instagram.

4. You can also have a family picnic in the area. Either in the farm or one of the lookouts overlooking the Hawkesburry river near the area.

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