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Saturday, September 13, 2014

An Open Letter from Future iPhone6 Users

Dear Android Users,

We could say that most of the charts, and audio-visual presentations versus the iPhone6 and generally Apple products are truthful. You probably spent a lot of work and time to make them colourful and appealing.

You are claiming the iPhone6 hardware specs to be as good as the 2012-release android phone. You maybe right on this. But have you though about the software applications? Your android phones maybe 2 years advanced, but the applications are not yet ready and more importantly - the users are not ready. Our relatives and loved-ones are not yet ready and they don't even care and Apple is very good on its timing.

What you are doing are not good enough or are not really helping. The more you attack the iPhone6, the more our daughters, mums and wives would like to have an iPhone6. Everyone in the family would soon wish to have one as his/her present in Christmas or on their respective birthdays.

Given this fact of life, we would appreciate it if you can think ways on how Apple would make its pricing lower, more competitive and more reasonable. It would be better also if you can stop or at least make Samsung and other Android manufacturers to slow down from raising the bar and from releasing new models.

We maybe iPhone/iPad/Mac users but we are not necessarily die-hard fans of Apple.
We just love buying for our loved ones. And soon, we will be owners of pre-owned Apple products including the iPhone6.

Sincerely Yours,

iPaid Users

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