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Treatment Costs for Visitors in Australia

"Even with insurance you are required to pay for any treatment received in the Emergency Department"

If you will be visiting Australia or will be sponsoring your relatives and visitors to visit you in Australia, the following information will give you a brief information about the treatment costs for visitors in Australia.

If you do not have a Medicare Card
  • Each occasion of service attracts a fee
  • This may include a consultation with a doctor, pathology or blood test and/or x-rays (medical imaging)
Treatment Costs for Visitors in Australia ads - This picture is one of the ads taken in one of NSW hospitals
 This picture is one of the ads taken in one of NSW hospitals

Computation for Travel Insurance and Health Insurance
If you are admitted
  • Daily patient charges for accommodation will apply
  • Doctor, Medical Imaging, Pathology and other fees and charges will apply

It is required that you have an adequate medical cover during your stay in Australia. 

Depending on your circumstances, you may get a travel insurance from your country of origin or get a private health insurance in Australia. If you can get both - better.

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