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Earn $50 by Sending Money through OrbitRemit

OrbitRemit is just again of the remittance providers that you can use to send money internationally including the Philippines.
They have an ongoing promotion where you can earn $50. Invite your friends to join OrbitRemit and they will pay you cash straight to your bank account. For every three (3) friends that successfully complete a payment, they will pay you $50 . The more friends that join, the more money you earn. 
You can start by visiting OrbitRemit  here.

1. Secured - you can notice the HTTPS in their URL
2. The look and layout is better
3. ZERO or FREE transaction fee on your first remittance
4. Registration is done online and fast approval by submitting your documents online.

1. As of this writing, their only way of receiving money in the Philippines is either door-to-door delivery or cash-pick via MLuillier Branches.

How to Send Money:

1. Create your payment instruction

First you create an electronic payment instruction on our website. You just tell us how much money you’re transferring overseas and where you want us to send it to. The exchange rates you see are the exact rates your cash will be transferred at.

2.  Transfer funds to OrbitRemit

Once you have created your payment instruction you then need to wire the payment total to the local OrbitRemit bank account where you are. This is a domestic internet banking transfer and you will not be charged for this by your bank.

 3. Payment made to recipient

Once we have received your cleared deposit, into our local account, we will transfer the money overseas to your beneficiary. In most cases the electronic payment is completed the next working day after funds have been received.

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