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Saturday, November 1, 2014

FOREX Traders Dilemma - Moderating Greed

Moderating greed is one of FOREX Traders dilemmas. If your trades are winning, you are sometimes tempted to hold on or tempted to close early.  The newsletter below is the actual newsletter for the Unlitrader subscription from

You can see the advice from our mentor, Mark So and the actual screenshot from his own trading account.

Unlitrades Closed for A Majestic +1,902Pips!!! All Losses For October Recovered And Then Some! Done For The Month!!!

Hi All!
Thanks to the FOMC and the surprise move by the BOJ today, I’m happy to say that majority of the trades have hit limits while the rest of the trades did splendidly. I’ve manually closed out all trades for a majestic +1,902Pips!!! Singletrades by comparison made a very respectable +518Pips as well which has helped recover ALL trade losses for the month of October!!!

For those who followed me to the end and have made the same progress, I salute your faith in me, yourself, and the Unlitrader system!
The updated Trade results for October will be posted here soon!
Done for the week, done for the Month! Happy Halloween folks!!!
Monsterpips to All!
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Lucky are those who followed him and stick with the trades - until his next advice/newsletter.

Damn! I closed my trades too early and that I only got around 500 pips!

But at the end of the day, one must learn how to stick with his own decisions and suck it up! This is my way of handling this dilemma. :)

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