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The Plastic Cards I keep and How I am Saving Using Them

In Australia, with almost all merchants have EFTPOS (electronic funds transfer at point of sale) machines already, I and my family rarely use cash any more to buy our things.
We use our debit/credit cards in combination with a loyalty card and/or discount card.

In this regard, I am happy to share with you the plastic cards we keep and how we are saving using them.

1. ING Orange Everyday Card

This is my favourite. It is a debit card which allows me to save $5 in every $100 I spent. It gives me 5% cash back or rebate, using Visa payWave purchases under $100 in Australia. Right now, ING decreased it to only 2%.

The following are the current features of this card:

Free ATMs - You can use every ATM in Australia for free the following month - no matter the amount or who it's operated by - when you deposit $1,000 or more per month from an external account into your Orange Everyday.

2% cash back -  Get 2% cash back on Visa payWave purchases under $100 in Australia the following month - when you deposit $1,000 or more per month from an external account into your Orange Everyday.

No monthly fees - There are $0 monthly fees, so there's more in your pocket for life's incidentals.

2. Diamond Awards credit cards

I only use my credit card if I cannot use at all my ING Orange card. I use my credit cards paying our:

  •  electricity bills
  •  phone and internet bills 
  •  car-related payments like insurance and E-Toll 
  •  paypal and online shopping
  •  money transfer overseas through  WorlRemit
  •  etc

CBA Diamond Awards

Why I like these cards

I pay $59 annually for this card but I get more in return. With the services and products I paid for over the year using these cards, I will accumulate enough points and eventually redeem a $100 worth of fuel later on in Caltex or other voucher cards.

They are 2 cards but the points earned are combined. You will earn 3 Awards points for every dollar spent on the CBA Awards American Express Card while 1.25 Awards point for every dollar spent on the CBA Awards MasterCard.

Security (Lock, block and limit your card).

  • Instantly lock, block and limit your credit card for extra control through the CommBank app or NetBank.
  • Lock in-store international payments – so that no one can use your card in store overseas,
  • Lock online international payments – to prevent anyone using your card to make purchases on international websites,
  • Block ATM cash advances – so nobody can use your credit card to take out money except you,
  • Limit your spending – by setting a maximum amount per transaction.
  • The settings you activate will apply instantly and you can switch these settings on and off whenever you need to

How I acquired them
At first, as a client of CBA, I applied over the phone for the low-rate credit card. However, CBA sent me the Awards Cards instead. I don't know if they did it intentionally or by mistake. Being aware of the annual fee of the Awards Card as high, I called CBA and immediately requested for replacement. But in the process, they offered me to keep the Awards Card and waived the annual fee for the 1st year.

I also maintained a good credit history by paying full on time and perhaps this is the reason why CBA upgraded my cards to Diamond in just a year.

3. Coles Flybuys and Woolworths Everyday Rewards Card

When doing groceries, these cards are must-have. You will accumulate points that will soon be converted to cash or you can use points to redeem other items that are of interest to you.

Woolworhts Everyday Rewards
Coles Flybuys

4. Frequent Values

Frequent Values™ is the leading dining and leisure program throughout Australia and New Zealand and is designed to provide you and your family with valuable savings all year round.

Frequent Values
If you enjoy dining and travel, you're going to love Frequent Values™. Featuring over 3,500 valuable offers to choose from. As a Frequent Values™ member you can;

  • Enjoy 20% off your total bill, up to a maximum deduction of $25, dine at over 1,500 participating restaurants just by presenting your Frequent Values™ Card.
  • Save up to 50% off the rack rate at over 1,700 resorts and hotels across Australia and New Zealand just by booking using your Frequent Values™ card.
  • Print out vouchers online to enjoy great savings from leading national attractions, local activities, popular take away outlets and more.

How I acquired this card

We were provided by my employer with a similar or re-branded card by the same company (Entertainment Publications of Australia Pty.Ltd) and perhaps equal or similar benefits on:
  • movie tickets
  • travel and leisure
  • theme parks
  • shopping and services
  • car hire
  • travel insurance

IBM Great Place for Deals Card

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