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Best Credit Cards, Savings Account, Home Loans, etc

Have you been researching lately for the best credit cards and savings account?

If your answer is YES, then you are lucky to be reading this post.

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The Barefoot Investor is one of the blogs we are also following and we have subscribed into for its weekly newsletter. Scott Page shared his research in his blog.

Happy reading!


Each year, without fail, the first Christmas card I get is ... from my bank.

They never forget, bless them. They’re more regular than the fat man when it comes to doling out the Christmas credit.

So let’s you and I save a thousand bucks today by screwing the banks over and getting some sweet financial candy canes.

Best Mojo Money

Here’s the first sign your bank thinks you’re a sucker: transaction accounts pay, on average, 0.01 per cent in interest. Which means that, if you keep $5,000 in the account, your bank manager will tip you a shiny fifty cent piece annually.

Touring Sydney - Bondi Beach in Spring

Australian spring season is from September 1 to November 30. Spring is a good time for outdoor activities like biking, surfing and/or merely going to beaches. 

Sydney has a lot of beaches and one of them is Bondi beach.

bondi beach


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