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Getting an Overseas Visitors Health Cover (OVHC)

We got our visitors (parents) their Overseas Visitors Health Cover (OVHC) today. Their travel insurance policy will about to expire already. They have subclass 600 visitor visa.

We have chosen Allianz Insurance OVHC. Allianz has 2 levels of cover namely:

1. Budget Visitors Cover and
2. Visitors Plus Cover

 The former is the basic one (which we availed) while the latter offers more like:
Out of hospital cover towards cost of:
General practitioner (MBS fee) YES
Pathology (MBS fee) YES
Radiology (MBS fee) YES
Specialist (fee) YES

Before we decided to choose Allianz, we also considered Australian Unity Health and IMAN.

Both are cheaper compared to Allianz. Australian Unity Health is cheaper by almost $10/mo while IMAN is cheaper by almost $50/mo.

We could have chosen IMAN, but when I called them, they informed me that they are no longer offering for visa subclass 600 because they are currently reviewing and modifying their cover. They told me that they launching date was unfortunately moved and they cannot confirm yet the next one.

The cover we availed is around $96/fortnightly. Please note that every year (April 1), all private health insurance in Australia increase their premiums by around 6-7%.

As our visitors sponsors, we just applied thru Allianz website using my credit card as the source of fund or payment. The following were also required during the process of registration/enrollment:

1. Passport details of the applicants/would-be member/policy holder of the insurance
2. Australian address where the insurance will be mailing thru post the membership card
3. Australian contact number

Filling up the registration/enrollment form was easily done in 10 minutes.


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