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NEW Guidelines in Applying for NBI Clearance for Applicants Abroad

This is generally applicable to any state in Australia
This is applicable to any country and any Philippine Consulate

NBI Clearance Certificate 2017
The NBI Clearance is the Philippine police clearance issued by the National Bureau of Investigation.

STEP # 1.
Secure and fill-up the Fingerprint Card (application form) and pay the corresponding fee.
The Consulate provides the Fingerprint Card which serves as the application for NBI Clearance. The Consulate is authorized by the NBI to take fingerprint impressions.

If applied in person, the requirements for NBI Clearance are:
1. Original Valid passport and one (1) certified copy of the data page of the passport (or bring the actual passport itself)
2. One (1) size 2"x2" photograph with plain white background
3. Application fee. Refer to Schedule of Fees.

If there current name used by the applicant has changed from the name on the passport, the applicant must provide additional official document(s) supporting or effecting the change, for example:
•    Marriage Certificate

•    Court Order on change of name

•    Writ of Divorce

•    In cases where the applicant had a previous marriage, divorced, and re-married, then both writ of divorce and new marriage certificate must be provided

NOTE: The Consulate does not process the clearance.

STEP #2.

2.1 - The applicant can send the application to a representative in the Philippines, who can then submit the application to an office of the National Bureau of Investigation. In addition, you must attach an Authorization Letter and a photocopy or scan-copy of your passport.
2.2 - Alternatively, the applicant can send the application directly to the NBI Main office.

 Mailed Clearance Section
 3rd Floor. NBI Clearance Bldg.,
 UN Avenue, Ermita, Manila

 She can also be reached at telephone number +61(2) 5238231 loc 5465

The outcome of the application is the NBI Clearance Certificate.


The Australian agencies requesting the NBI Clearance usually require the NBI Clearance Certificate to bear the seal of the Philippine Consulate and the thumbprint of the applicant.
The applicant should bring the NBI Clearance Certificate to the Consulate for the affixation of the seal and thumbprint. The Consulate will not charge any fee for this service.

For the newly released NBI Clearance Certificate nowadays, it has already the dry seal. For the affixation of thumbprint, you can go to the nearest police station. The police can either assist you onsite or give you a film-like, plastic material that you can peel over and has ink on it. This you will use yourself to affix your thumbprint.

See the official procedures from the Embassy of the Philippines

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