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Money Management Articles - by Mark So

I and my peers been a student of Mark So and have learned a few money management skills or discipline by:

1. Attending one of his courses
2. Reading his FREE articles in his website.

Who is Mark So?

Mark So hails from the Philippines. He started Investing in Currencies in 1998 when the USD was still at 32 to the Peso (It has gone as high as 56.50 since then) . In 2000 he started building businesses while buying and selling the USD offline. Today Mark is the Founder and Chief Forex Trainer of Forex Club Asia, the trading club of traders across Asia with more than 3,000 members. He is also the Chairman and CEO of Businessmaker Academy, Inc. A Business, Investment, and HR Training Institution that has trained more than 20,000 Alumni since 2003.

Mr. So is also a frequent guest on ANC and GNN where he is regularly invited to talk and share his insights on Forex Trading. He is also a regular columnist at Manila Bulletin and Money Sense Magazine where his Business and Currency articles are read by thousands of Entrepreneurs and Investors Nationwide.

Forex for Beginners - Learn Forex Trading Online from the Guru, Mark So

Forex for Beginners ||

Forex for Beginners

“I want to learn, but I don’t have the time to take the class”
Not a problem, Learn Online! Learn Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device!
When you purchase this for 10 measly US Dollars or roughly 500 Philippine Pesos, you will be instantly given a special login and password to the membership area to watch 12 super informative videos to get you started right away.
Immediate viewing after purchase.

Ask questions online. Learn from Mark So Personally for 1 whole year!

The Top 3 Things You will Learn:
1. How to Open and Navigate Demo Accounts and Charts (FXCM Trading Station)
2. What are and how to place “Long” and “Short” Market Orders
3. Understanding Jargon: Currency Pairs, Pips, Spreads, Lots, Leverage, Margin Accounts

How Much?
Access to the live class plus 12 Awesome Videos, Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device, Access to Mark So Personally For Clarification and Questions on the Content for 1 Whole Year!
You get all of these for a super duper price of only $10.00 (Approximately P500.00)

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